Chipping Campden is nestled in the Cotswold Hills and so you can imagine some of the beautiful countryside we are surrounded by. We like to go out on family walks although we cannot always decide which method of transport to go on and so we’ll often do a bit of everything! We are lucky enough to own our own ponies and one walk has a bridal path so we ride, cycle and walk!

There are no horse riding centres in Campden, however there are a few yards and so horses are common around town. It’s a lovely sight and one which often means a photo opportunity for tourists! There are some great views and sounds whilst walking and on horseback which can go unnoticed in a car. Our ponies go unshod and so it is even quieter!

Our walk in August took us out of town past St James Church and down the Shipston road for a short distance which offers a great view of the Old Campden House East Banqueting House from across the Coneygree. We turned left at the bowling club, towards Ebrington and over the railway track, passing by the old Campden Station which goes unnoticed by most but which used to service the town until it closed in 1953. The old signal box is all that remains.

Beyond the tracks is Campden BRI which is the UK’s largest independent membership based organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide. It is also Campdens biggest employer.

A little further up the road, the footpath takes a left turn, across fields and through various gates, all accessible on foot, on bicycle and on horseback. We enjoyed crossing a field of corn which looked glorious in the Cotswold sunshine. The horses enjoyed a canter whilst those of us on a bike, peddled quickly, trying to keep up!

You pass through Mickleton Hills Farm after a short while, turning right and following the tree lined drive which takes you between paddocks and fields, hosting seasonal crops, until you meet the Campden – Hidcote road (Hidcote Manor Gardens – National Trust – are a mile or so up the road and prove popular with locals and tourists.) This road is quite a quiet road but you need to keep an eye and ear open for traffic. We wore high visibility clothing for our ramble and so we felt safe and we thanked all car drivers for slowing down as they passed.

At the end of this road, you do meet quite a busy road with no footpath which you follow until you meet the Aston Road. Turn left and continue walking on the side of the road until the footpath which takes you back into the town, starts again. Continue past the old orchard on the corner of Back Ends – this is now used by Chipping Campden School to graze sheep & for their rural studies and is a great asset to the town. Our ponies reside just a couple of fields away where they enjoyed a drink and some hay upon their return.

The beautiful curve of the High Street starts as soon as you pass Back Ends and Cider Mill Lane. The varying heights & designs of the roofs and buildings, along with the beautiful Cotswold stone, make the town what it is. There are many pubs and restaurants that offer a variety of refreshments after a walk. We send recommendations out to all guests who book with Honeypot Cottages and so you’ll have a good idea of where to eat and drink before you arrive.